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Internet of Agents

With the developing of Internet of Things (IoT), a new concept is introduced, which is named Internet of Agent (IoA), this concept enables connected agent into smart agent which includes three conceptual standpoints: Identification, Communication and Interaction. Our research focuses on the interaction of smart agents in terms of computational negotiation which is able to apply various domains such as smart transportation, smart home and so on.



Discovering content and stories in movies is one of the most important concepts in research studies. To consider how to efficiently determine the relationships between characters, we focus on the appearance of each character during movie play and analyze the characters' relationships to build a CoCharNet, a social network, to determine characters' relationships in a movie. In this paper, we propose an innovative method which extracts and analyzes characters' relationships based on social network measurement and evaluation.


Social RecSys

This application is personal diary about movie watching history, and you can see many information about the movies, analyzed your history using PC and Mobile.

MyMovieHistory MyMovieHistory WEBSITE