Hee Seung Yun

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A cartoon centipede reads books and types on a laptop.
Hee Seung Yun


  • Mar 2021 - present: Chung-Ang University

Master of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul, South Korea

  • Mar 2014 - Feb 2021: Hansung University

Bachelor of Public Administration, Social Studies, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing, Automate Fact Checking

Research Experience

  • Mar 2021 – present

Researcher, Chung-Ang University, Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul, South Korea

Conference Proceedings

  • Heeseung Yun, Jason J. Jung*, Gunju Lee, Dahee Jung, Kono Kim, "Explainable Fact Checking Model Based on Efficient Transformer", In Proceedings of 49th Korean Institute of Information and Communication Sciences Conference, pp. 19-21, Yeosu, South Korea, May 20-22, 2021