Jinsol Yang

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Ph.D. Student

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Jinsol Yang


  • Sep 2021 – present: Chung-Ang University, Ph.D., Major in Big Data, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Mar 2015 – Feb 2021: Korea National Open University, Master of Computer Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Oct 2010 – Feb 2012: Korean Educational Development Institute, Bachelor of Engineering, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Seoul, South Korea.

Journal Publications

  • Yang, Jin Sol, Myung-Sook Ko, and Kwang Sik Chung. "Social emotional opinion decision with newly coined words and emoticon polarity of social networks services." Future Internet 11.8 (2019): 165.

Conference Proceedings

  • Yang, Jin Sol, et al. "Sentiment Sentence Construction Algorithm of Newly-Coined Words and Emoticons Dictionary for Social Data Opinion Analysis." Future of Information and Communication Conference. Springer, Cham, 2021.
  • Yang, Jin Sol, and Kwang Sik Chung. "Newly-coined Words and Emoticon Polarity for Social Emotional Opinion Decision." 2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Information and Computer Technologies (ICICT). IEEE, 2019.
  • Yang, Jin Sol, and Kwang Sik Chung. "Newly-Coined Words and Emoticons Dictionary Construction for Social Data Sentiment Analysis." In Proceedings of the 2019 11th International Conference on Future Computer and Communication, Rangoon, Myanmar, 2.27 (2019): 126–130.
  • Yang, Jin Sol, et al. "Building a Newly-coined Words and Emoticon Emotional Dictionary for Emotional Analysis of Social Data" In Proceedings of the Korea Information Processing Society Conference 26.2 (2019): 914-917.