Proceedings of WIMS 2019 (ACM Digital Library)

WIMS2019 Main Track

# Title Authors
1 Can Virtual Assistants Produce Recommendations? Dimitrios Rafailidis and Yannis Manolopoulos
2 Diversification in Wikipedia Enriched Advertisement Recommendation for Microblogs Atakan Simsek and Pinar Karagoz
3 A Clicks-and-Mortar Information Exchange Mechanism Based on Blockchain Technology Hsin-Te Wu and Jun-Wei Zhan
4 SALSA: Detection of Cybertrolls using Sentiment, Aggression, Lexical and Syntactic Analysis of Tweets Jose Lorenzo C. Capistrano, Jessie James P. Suarez and Prospero C. Naval, Jr.
5 A Probabilistic Model for Collaborative Filtering Zuoquan Lin and Hanxuan Chen
6 Sustainability Services for Public Libraries within a Smart City Environment Zois Koukopoulos, Dimitrios Koukopoulos and Jason J. Jung
7 Empirical Evaluation on Synthetic Data Generation with Generative Adversarial Network Pei-Hsuan Lu, Pang-Chieh Wang and Chia-Mu Yu
8 Some measures to detect the influencer on social network based on Information Propagation Tai Huynh, Ivan Zelinka, Xuan Hau Pham and Hien D. Nguyen
9 LODBookRec: Linked Open Data for Books Recommendation Ladislav Maleček, Štěpán Balcar and Ladislav Peska
10 Hypercat JSON-LD: A Semantically Enriched Catalogue Format for IoT Michalis Georgiou, Ilias Tachmazidis and Grigoris Antoniou
11 Using Text Mining to Analyze the Financial Patents Yung-Feng Lu, Jia-Lang Xu and Mu-Yen Chen
12 Enabling SQL-Query Processing for Ethereum-based Blockchain Systems Jongbeen Han, Heemin Kim, Hyeonsang Eom, Jonathan Coignard, Kesheng Wu and Yongseok Son
13 Synthesizing N-ary Relations from Web Tables Oliver Lehmberg and Christian Bizer
14 Social Event Magnitudes via Background Influences and Engagement Capacities and its Applications Kwei-Guu Liu and Jyi-Shane Liu
15 An Effective Deep Learning Framework for Detecting Misconducts of the Trucker Yu-Chia Chang and Chun-Wei Tsai
16 Transfer Learning to Timed Text Based Video Classification Using CNN Zenun Kastrati, Ali Shariq Imran and Arianit Kurti
17 Robust Active Learning of Expressive Linkage Rules Anna Primpeli and Christian Bizer
18 Character Network Embedding-based Plot Structure Discovery in Narrative Multimedia O-Joun Lee and Jason J. Jung
19 E-Commerce Merchant Categorization using Website Information Galuh Tunggadewi Sahid, Rahmad Mahendra and Indra Budi
20 BudayaKB: Extraction of Cultural Heritage Entities from Heterogeneous Formats Hadi Syah Putra, Rahmad Mahendra and Fariz Darari
21 Infuencee Oriented Topic Prediction: Investigating the Effect of Influence on the Author Murat Yukselen, Alev Mutlu and Pinar Karagoz
22 Context-Based Rating Prediction using Collaborative Filtering and Linked Open Data Vineet Sejwal and Muhammad Abulaish
23 Computing the Linguistic-Based Cues of Fake News in the Philippines Towards its Detection Aaron Carl Fernandez and Madhavi Devaraj
24 Trust- and Context-Based Rating Prediction using Collaborative Filtering: A Hybrid Approach Vineet Kumar Sejwal and Muhammad Abulaish
25 Implementing A Deep Learning Framework for Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction Hongsuk Yi, Khac-Hoai Nam Bui and Heejin Jung

ISSB 2019 Workshop

# Title Authors
1 A Schema Generator for Collected Data from Wearable Devices for Reliable Data Ingestion Hammad Ahmed, Jonghyeok Mun, Yoosang Park and Jongsun Choi
2 Consumption Value System and Storytelling for Digital Advertising Jeong Hee Kim, Kitae Bae and Jong Youl Hong
3 Cultural Intelligence and ARCS Model for Digital Era Jong Youl Hong, Hoon Ko and Jeong Hee Kim
4 Medical Information Protection Frameworks for Smart Healthcare based on IoT Junho Choi, Chang Choi, SungHwan Kim and Hoon Ko